15 Best AI Tools for Students: Transform Your Studies


As a student, you know how challenging and competitive the academic world can be. You have to juggle multiple assignments, projects, exams, and extracurricular activities, while also keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in your field of study. How can you make your life easier and more productive? The answer is AI tools.

AI tools are applications that use artificial intelligence to help you with various tasks, such as research, writing, video creation and editing, presentation, collaboration, and more. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best AI tools for students in 2024, and how they can help you achieve your academic goals. 

In this guide, you’ll discover:

✅ The key benefits AI tools provide students
✅ An overview of top and popular AI tools for students
✅ How to select the right solution based on subjects, capabilities, and budget
✅ Our top recommendation based on critical differentiators

Benefits of AI Tools for Students

AI student tools create customized learning experiences that adapt to individual students’ needs and strengths. This provides key advantages:

Adaptive Learning Paths

  • AI tools for education use frequent assessments to pinpoint knowledge gaps and address them through targeted lesson suggestions tuned to the user. This promotes efficient and engaging progress by emphasizing growth areas.

24/7 Academic Support 

  • With most teacher availability limited to standard working hours, AI tutors provide on-demand homework help directly through student devices whenever they need guidance. This facilitates learning momentum.

Actionable Feedback Loops 

  • Sophisticated analysis powers feedback features that supply students with metrics evaluating current aptitude and precisely which skills and subjects need more practice for a mastery check. This data informs better self-directed learning habits.
  • Types of AI Tools for Students

    Students can access AI innovations across numerous learning needs:

    AI Tutors

    • Offer Adaptive Mentorship – These tools integrate directly with course materials using natural language processing to strengthen understanding through conversational practice, knowledge checks, and drill recommendations based on performance. Some provide individual lesson plans adjusting to current aptitude across topics.

    AI Writing Assistants

      • Refine Assignments – Solutions focused specifically on writing help polish drafts through advanced grammar and spelling correction, citation/plagiarism checks for research papers, and style suggestions to improve clarity and impact based on linguistic analysis models.

    AI Homework Helpers 

    • Assistants in this category aid learning by employing flashcard prompting apps utilizing optimal memory sequence algorithms, as well as digital planners leveraging AI to schedule study sessions and homework effectively for better time management.

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    A List of the 15 Top AI Tools for Students

    Are you curious to learn more about the best AI tools for students? Below are some of the most amazing tools that you need to start using to enhance your productivity. 

    Don’t wait any longer to find out how AI can enrich your studies! 🎓

    #1 Brainly

    Brainly operates like an academic Reddit, leveraging a collective database of over 250 million peer answers across every subject – now enhanced by GPT-4 capabilities. Students can get AI-powered homework assistance, comprehend topics more deeply, and address knowledge gaps.


    Best For

      • Finding instant explanations to study questions

      • Customizing answer complexity to needs

      • Discussing academic concepts with peers globally

    Key Features

      • “Simplify/Expand” toggle for variable detail

      • Follow-up clarification questions

      • Moderator oversight for reliable content

      • Incorporated gamification incentives


      • Free

      • Plus: $24 per year

    #2 Duolingo

    Duolingo operates as a language learning management system for schools, allowing customized lessons and progress tracking. Students can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking new languages through interactive online modules.


    Best For

      • Administering blended language programs

      • Enabling offline downloaded lessons

      • Centralized classroom management

    Key Features

      • Custom teacher instructions and feedback

      • Animated vocabulary and grammar-focused activities

      • Parental control and access management


      • Free version available

      • Duolingo Plus: $6.99/month

    #3 Wolfram Alpha

    Wolfram Alpha operates as a unique computational knowledge engine, understanding natural language across disciplines to provide precise answers to complex questions. It goes beyond search to power understanding.


    Best For

      • Getting step-by-step explanations of math problems

      • Understanding concepts visually with interactive graphs

      • Answering specific questions with validated data

    Key Features

      • Direct answers to computational questions without searching

      • Visual representations like graphs and charts aid comprehension

      • Covers multiple domains including mathematics, history, geography


      • Basic: Free

      • Pro: $7.25/month per user

      • Pro Premium: $12/month per user

    #4 Otter.ai

    Otter.ai is an innovative AI-powered transcription tool that converts speeches, lectures, and conversations into editable text in real-time. This allows students to fully engage during classes without pressure to take notes, while still retaining searchable records to easily review material later. Otter.ai stands out with features like automatic speaker differentiation, cloud storage access across devices, and custom vocabulary integration.


    Best For

      • Reviewing lecture content more effectively

      • Collaborating on group assignments or projects

      • Ensuring those with disabilities don’t miss information

    Key Features

      • Real-time transcription of lectures and meetings

      • Identification and differentiation between speakers

      • Easy searching within saved transcriptions

      • Direct integration with platforms like Zoom

      • Custom vocabulary addition

      • Secure cloud storage and sharing


      • Basic: Free

      • Pro: $10/month per user

      • Business: $20/month per user

      • Enterprise: Custom quote

    #5 Gradescope

    Gradescope modernizes grading through AI-automated rubric applications, allowing quicker yet consistent assignment feedback. Detailed scoring criteria promote transparency, while direct annotation shows students precise improvement areas.


    Best For

      • Streamlining grading for large classes

      • Providing fast, detailed student feedback

      • Upholding academic integrity with similarity checks

    Key Features

      • Rubric applications for efficient batch grading

      • Accepts scanned or uploaded submissions

      • Annotative feedback directly on work

      • Integration with learning platforms


      • Basic: $1/month per user

      • Team: $3/month per user

      • Solo: $3/month per user

    #6 Quizgecko

    Quizgecko is an innovative AI-driven platform empowering users to effortlessly create, distribute, and analyze quizzes, tests, and assessments. Its intelligent design features, paired with machine learning capabilities, help automate the process of building engaging evaluations while providing impactful insights.


    Best For

      • Automating quiz and test creation

      • Accurately evaluating knowledge

      • Tracking learning progress over time

    Key Features

      • AI-powered question generation from text

      • Customizable exam settings and parameters

      • In-depth performance analytics and reports


      • Basic: $18/month

      • Plus: $48/month

      • Premium: $90/month

      • Enterprise: Custom quote

    #7 Stepwise Math

    Stepwise Math is an AI-powered math tutoring tool focusing on grades 6-12, providing tailored support to help learners address knowledge gaps, gain conceptual mastery, and build skills through step-by-step feedback.


    Best For

      • Mastering core math concepts

      • Exam and test prep at all levels

      • Catching issues through recommended courses

    Key Features

      • Over 500 targeted math lessons

      • 18,000+ practice questions with guided remediation

      • Step-by-step analytic data on problem-solving

      • Available 24/7 on all devices

      • Instant feedback in moments of confusion

      • Patented AI driven by expert teacher insights

      • Unlimited lesson repetition for concept mastery


      • Student: $9.99/month

      • Family: $27/month

      • School: Custom quote

    #8 Fotor

    Fotor is an innovative AI-powered platform that generates unique visual artworks from text prompts. Serving as a digital canvas for creative experimentation, it brings words to life through advanced algorithms trained on artistic styles and techniques.


    Best For

      • Bringing creative ideas and texts to visual life

      • Exploring new mediums and artistic directions

      • Augmenting and inspiring creative workflows

    Key Features

      • Text-to-image artwork generation

      • 35 distinct artistic styles to select

      • Tools to modify images after creation

      • Multiple model options tuned for precision/variability

      • Size and aspect ratio customization

      • Creative effect filters to enhance images

      • Batch processing for multiple images

      • Sliders for tuning image parameters

      • Color palette selector

      • Shareability via multiple export formats


      • Completely free to use

    #9 Syntea

    Syntea is an innovative AI-powered tutoring assistant developed by IU International University to enhance and optimize student learning outcomes. Exclusively integrated into IU’s courses, this first-of-its-kind tool leverages cutting-edge natural language models to provide personalized, real-time feedback, study prep, and exam readiness assessments.


    Best For

      • Getting 24/7 study help from an AI tutor

      • Practicing course concepts through conversations

      • Checking exam readiness with personalized quizzes

    Key Features

      • 24/7 access to an AI tutor for study help

      • Real-time answers to content-related questions

      • Personalized exam readiness assessments

      • Ability to query explanations around knowledge gaps

      • Integration with course materials for context


    Currently exclusive to IU programs

    #10 Grammarly

    Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help students across academic needs – from crafting emails to composing research reports. Going beyond basic grammar and spell checking, Grammarly offers real-time feedback for tone, clarity, engagement, and plagiarism through advanced natural language processing.


    Best For

      • Eliminating grammar errors and awkward phrasing

      • Refining writing style and tone

      • Detecting unintentional plagiarism

    Key Features

      • Advanced grammar and spelling correction

      • Tone and clarity improvement suggestions

      • Readability metrics for text analysis

      • Full-sentence rewrite recommendations

      • Vocabulary enhancement ideas

      • Plagiarism detector against web and journals


      • Free

      • Premium: $12/month

      • Business: $15/month

    #11 Quillbot

    Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool popular for helping students creatively reword content to avoid plagiarism. Best suited for transforming essays, assignments, study notes, and more into new articulations using advanced synonym replacement, it allows customizing paraphrasing strictness for optimal rewritten output every time.


    Best for

      • Paraphrasing study notes and essay drafts

      • Rephrasing content from sources to prevent plagiarism

      • Rewriting assignments in your own words

      • Summarizing long articles or papers concisely

    Key Features

      • Paraphrasing tool powered by NLP models

      • Customization of rewrite strictness

      • Sentence restructuring to sound more natural

      • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

      • Plagiarism checker integration

      • Available as a browser extension

      • Mobile app for on-the-go use


      • Free version with limited use

      • Personal: $9.95/month

      • Team: $12 per member per month

      • Business: Custom quote

    #12 Adobe Express & Firefly

    Adobe Express & Firefly is a tool that combines the best features of Adobe’s creative applications with the power of generative AI. It allows students to create stunning and original content with simple text prompts, without any design or coding skills. It can help students with various tasks, such as research, writing, editing, presentation, collaboration, and more.


    Best for

      • Students who want to create high-quality and unique content for their assignments, projects, portfolios, or personal use.

      • Students who want to explore their creativity and learn new skills with generative AI.

    Key features

      • Text to Image: Generate images from a detailed text description.

      • Generative Fill: Use a brush to remove objects or paint in new ones.

      • Text Effects: Apply styles or textures to words and phrases.

      • Generative Recolor: Generate color variations of your vector artwork.

      • 3D to Image: Generate images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements.

      • Project Stardust: Move any object anywhere in your image.

      • Adobe Fonts Free: Access thousands of fonts for your projects.

      • No watermarks: Download and use your generated images without any watermarks.


      • Free plan: Get started with 25 monthly generative credits.

      • Premium plan: Get 100 monthly generative credits, Adobe Fonts Free, and no watermarks for $4.99/month.

    #13 Copyscape

    Copyscape is a tool that helps you detect duplicate content and check if your text is original. It can help you avoid plagiarism, which is a serious academic offense that can result in low grades, penalties, or even expulsion. It can also help you improve your writing skills, by showing you how to paraphrase, cite, and reference your sources properly.


    Best for

      • Students who want to ensure that their assignments, projects, essays, or papers are free of plagiarism.

      • Students who want to learn how to write original and authentic content for their academic purposes or personal use.

      • Students who want to save time and money on plagiarism checking.

    Key features

      • Copyscape Premium: Check your text against the entire web, and get detailed reports on the percentage of similarity, word count, and number of matches.

      • Copyscape Compare: Compare two web pages or articles, and see how they match up. You can also compare your text against a specific URL or a file.

      • Copysentry: Monitor your website or blog, and get alerts when someone copies your content without your permission.

      • Copyscape Banners: Display a banner on your website or blog, and deter others from copying your content.


      • Free plan: Use Copyscape to search for copies of your web pages on the web.

      • Premium plan: Pay as you go, starting from $0.03 per search, depending on the length of your text. Get 200 free searches when you sign up.

      • Copysentry plan: Choose from daily or weekly monitoring, starting from $4.95 per month, depending on the number of pages you want to monitor.

    #14 Mendeley

    Mendeley is a tool that helps you organize, cite, and share your research sources. It can help you manage your references efficiently, and create citations and bibliographies in various styles. It can also help you discover new research, collaborate with other researchers, and access your library from any device.


    Best for

      • Students who want to keep track of their research sources and avoid plagiarism.

      • Students who want to find and access relevant research papers and journals.

      • Students who want to collaborate and network with other researchers.

    Key features

      • Mendeley Reference Manager: Sync your library across devices, and add papers from your browser or desktop.

      • Mendeley Cite: Cite your sources in Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs, and choose from thousands of citation styles.

      • Mendeley Web Importer: Import papers, web pages, and other documents directly from your browser with a few clicks.

      • Mendeley Research Network: Follow the latest research in your field, join groups, and connect with other researchers.

      • Mendeley Data: Store, share, and publish your research data online, and link it to your publications.


      • Free plan: Get 2 GB of personal storage, 100 MB of shared storage, and up to 5 private groups with 25 members each.

      • Premium plans: Upgrade to get more storage, more groups, and more features, starting from $4.99/month

    #15 Notion

    Notion is a tool that lets you create, connect, and manage your notes, tasks, wikis, and projects. It can help you organize your information, collaborate with your team, and access your workspace from any device. It can also help you discover and use millions of templates and resources from the Notion community.


    Best for

      • Students who want to create and customize their workspace for their academic purposes or personal use.

      • Students who want to work and communicate with their classmates, teachers, or mentors.

      • Students who want to learn and explore new ideas and skills from the Notion community.

    Key features

      • Notion Pages: Create and edit pages with drag and drop, and use various blocks to add text, images, tables, databases, code, and more.

      • Notion Sync: Sync your workspace across devices, and access it online or offline.

      • Notion Templates: Use ready-made templates for notes, tasks, wikis, projects, and more, or create your own templates.

      • Notion Import: Import your data from other apps, such as Evernote, Google Docs, Trello, Asana, and more.

      • Notion Community: Discover and use millions of templates and resources from other Notion users, or share your creations.


      • Free plan: Get unlimited pages and blocks, and share with up to 5 guests.
      • Premium plan: $10/month

    Choosing the Right AI Tool

    With an increasing array of AI education solutions available, students should evaluate options based on:

    Topic Specialization

      • Certain AI tutors focus specifically on common core subjects like STEM or English, while others take an open-domain conversational approach across wider knowledge areas. Determining needs is key.

    Feature Sets and Accessibility Factors

      • Comparing capabilities around device integration, natural language comprehension, teaching quality, and analytics visibility ensures alignment with individual usage goals and environments.

    Budget Limitations

      • Subscription costs vary widely from free up to enterprise-level pricing depending on account users included, content and storage thresholds, customer priority support, and other variables. Defining must-have aspects minimizes overspending.

    Our Top Pick – Otter.ai

    Of all the AI tools for students we have reviewed, we chose Otter.ai as our top recommendation for its accuracy and ease of use across various platforms. Whether you need to record and transcribe classes, lectures, presentations, or group discussions, Otter.ai can help you capture and organize your notes effortlessly.

    Why Otter.ai Outshines

    • Real-time transcription of meetings and conversations
    • Seamless integration with Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet
    • Automatic sharing of notes and summaries
    • Slide capture and analysis
    • A comprehensive tool for communication and collaboration

    While many solutions have a limited scope, Otter.ai’s comprehensive tool stands out by enabling users to capture and organize their meetings and conversations.

    By using artificial intelligence to transcribe and analyze speech, Otter.ai fits seamlessly into collaboration workflows – helping students stay productive and aligned.

    For smart and secure meeting notes, Otter.ai delivers big.

    Wrapping Up

    Using AI opens up tremendous possibilities for enhancing education with technologies like adaptive tutors, intelligent assignment aids, and personalized progress analytics. These are some of the best AI tools for students that can help them overcome challenges and access support without any limits. By understanding their needs, choosing the right solutions, and using them wisely, students can look forward to a brighter future with AI. 🌟

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